"Left of Boom [Conference] brings together key international experts from all over the world and from multiple sectors and industries to discuss trending issues and to offer innovative solutions against different types of threats."

Deputy Secretary General Richardo TreviƱo Chapa (World Customs Organization, 2019)

"In the increasingly uncertain world of today, threat management and addressing security concerns assume particular significance."

Ambassador Sanjay Panda (Consul General of India SFO, 2019)

"...this conference marks the beginning of what I hope will be a successful partnership..."

Roeland de Wilde (Chief of Mission, IOM Costa Rica, 2019)

"The conference is an excellent opportunity to consider new approaches to preventing and mitigating multifaceted threats."

Rasa Ostrauskaite (Transnational Threats Department, OSCE, 2019)

"We are deeply appreciative of such efforts and look forward to other potential collaborations with CICS and the larger Left of Boom community in the near future."

Chairman Danilo Delapuz Lim (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, 2019)

"This event allows for the sharing of the latest technology and productive discussions involving solutons that will help keep the region safe from emerging threats and challenges."

Dianne Jacob (Chairwoman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, 2019)

"This event is a perfect example of how business, military, and government can come together to face the most pressing issues facing our safety and security."

DA Summer Stephan (San Diego County District Attorney, 2019)

"Our partnership is bringing together global artists and governmental organizations towards this mission."

Mtra. Alma Delia Abrego (CEO, FundaciĆ³n de Artes Musicales B.C., 2019)

"This Left of Boom Conference brings together experts to create greater awareness of the possibilities emerging from distruptive digital technologies."

Amb. Venkatesan Ashok (Consul General of India SFO, 2018)

"Left of Boom attracts intellectuals and experts to discuss trending issues such as border and cyber security, human trafficking, law enforcement and infrastructure protection."

Consul General Nasimi Aghayev (Consul General of the Republic of Azerbaijan LA, 2018)

"Since its inception, the Left of Boom Conference has demonstrated a commitment to promoting effective discussion related to threat mitigation among interconnected fields of study."

Senator Dianne Feinstein (United States Senator, 2018)

"As a Member of Congress, I appreciate your efforts in strengthening security through innovative solutions and problem solving."

Representative Susan A. Davis (Congress of the United States, 2018)

"The quest for proactive solutions to global challenges in fields ranging from healthcare to national security is more important than ever."

Representative Scott Peters (Congress of the United States, 2018)

"I am encouraged by your commitment to continue to make a positive impact on our region and international community."

Supervisor Bill Horn (San Diego County Board of Supervisors, 2018)

"Having attended the previous conference in May 2017, I can say without reservation that it will be an outstanding event."

Director General Thomas A. Tass (BORDERPOL, 2018)

"The high quality of presentations and discussions at the past conference and the range of key topics covered have impressed me."

Head of Secretariat - Mikhail Kashubsky (International Network of Customs Universities, 2018)

"As the name of the conference, "LEFT OF BOOM" signifies, it looks for solutions to issues, as an effort to address them before they become problems."

Michael W. Lowder (Director, Office of Intelligence, Security, and Emergency Response - U.S. Department of Transportation, 2018)

"In our increasingly uncertain world, bringing together the best and the brightest of the public and private sectors has never been more important."

Royce G. Walters (Assistant Director, Terrorism and Border Security Directorate - INTERPOL Washington, 2017)

"...this further creates a common platform towards solving challenges that are often difficult to solve through other methods."

Robert Ireland (Head of Research Unit, World Customs Organization - WCO, 2017)

"(Left of Boom)...attendees offer an innovative platform to launch new partnerhsip and strengthen existing associations."

Ivette Jorge (Small Business Specialist, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2016)

"I look forward to discussing....all potential projects that can have a postive impact in Baja California Region, especially towards strengthening our regional security and securing the international border with the United States."

Perla Ibarra Leyva (Attorney General for the State of Baja California, Mexico, 2016)